72Sizes Black Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture Waterproof Covers Rain Snow Chair covers


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High quality furniture cover to protect your furniture to all the elements. With a handy draw string so you can tighten around the bottom of the furniture. The cover is water proof, UV protection, Dust proof and snow proof. In a variety of sizes. Please go slightly larger than smaller as the draw string will hold your furniture in tight together.

242x162x100cm / 95.27×63.77×39.37inch(L*W*H ///L*D*H)
308x138x89cm / 121.25×54.33×35.03inch (L*W*H ///L*D*H)
213x132x74cm / 83.85×51.96×29.13inch (L*W*H ///L*D*H)
180x120x74cm / 70.86×47.24×29.13inch (L*W*H ///L*D*H)
126x126x74cm / 49.6×49.6×29.13inch (L*W*H ///L*D*H)
123x61x72cm / 48.42×24.01×28.34inch (L*W*H ///L*D*H)
115x115x70cm x 70cm / 45.27×45.27×27.55inch (L*W*H ///L*D*H)


242x162x100cm, 213x 132x 74cm, 308x 138x 89cm, 180 x120 x74cm, 126x126x74cm, 123x 61x72cm, 115x115x70cm, 315x160x74cm, 230x165x80cm, 210x140x80cm, 210x110x70cm, 205x104x71cm, 170x94x70cm, 160x160x80cm, 150x150x75cm, 152x104x71cm, 250x200x80cm, 270x180x89cm, 90x90x90cm, 120x120x74cm, 123x123x74cm, 200x160x80cm, 190x125x80cm, 255x130x80cm, 200x200x85cm, 220x220x85cm, 218x218x90cm, 225x116x82cm, 260x135x82cm, 287x155x82cm, 180x150x80cm, 120x60x90cm, 40X40X40cm, 350x260x70cm, 330x220x70cm, 330X200X70


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